Boll O’ Meal

At the time of Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat, there was another way increase the number of followers of the clan.

It consisted of bribing poor parents with a “Boll o’ Meal” (bag or ladle full of grain). It was about replacing the own surname with the surname of the clan.
Accordingly, a person, or a whole clan, living in or near the territory of another clan declares that they are willing to accept the name of that clan in recognition and gratitude for their protection and support.

According to a popular saying around Beauly illustrates this as follows: “Frisealach am boll a mine”. The origin of the proverb indicates that some Bissets changed their name from Bisset to Fraser for this reason. There are other records that members of the Farquharsons, Forbeses and Gordons families also became Frasers through this species.

Today it is a great honour to have the last name of the clan in it’s own.

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