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Coat of arms of Clan Fraser of Lovat

On this page you will learn more about the current 18th Lord Lovat Simon Fraser.

The biography, like the story, has been translated into German and can only be found on our website in this form.

The Rt. Hon. Simon Fraser
18. Lord Lovat
5. Baron Lovat
25. MacShimidh

Chief title (Gaelic):
MacShimidh Mor

Historical seat:
Beaufort Castle

Biography of Simon Fraser 18th Lord Lovat

Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 18th Lord Lovat, 5th Baron Lovat and 25th MacShimidh, born 13 February 1977. Married since 14 May 2016 to Petra Palumbo, the daughter of Peter Garth Palumbo Lord Palumbo.
He was educated at Harrow School and Edinburgh University. After graduating, he began his career in investment banking at Cazenove and now works as a commodities analyst for a major French asset management company. This includes many trips, visits to mines and oil companies around the world and at this stage of his career he has little time to return home.

Simon became Chief at the age of 18 after the death of his grandfather Shimi Lovat Clan Clan. In the same year the family found out that they had to sell the clan seat of Castle Beaufort to cover the inheritance tax after the death of his father. Since then, over a period of 20 years, whenever he bought back Lovat countries, he has said that one day he would also like to bring the castle back into family ownership.

Clan activities

From the moment he became Clan Chief, Simon was very active in all the clan activities. He firmly believes in preserving the good will of the Lovat family, their rich history and their connections to the people of the Aird.
Although he must spend most of his time on business, he supports many of the clan’s related organizations such as the Clan Fraser Center in Beauly, the Lovat Shinty Teams and remains close to the communities of Beauly and Kiltarlity.

Participating in clan and association events abroad is something he really enjoys. He participates in meetings of the Clan Fraser in Canada and California, where he maintains strong ties.
Recently he was guest of honor at the South Carolina Highland Games and inspected the 78th Fraser Highlanders troops in Toronto as their colonel.

He is also an avid supporter of Clan Fraser-derived pipe bands such as the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in Vancouver and the 78th Fraser Highlander Pipe Band, both former world championship winners.

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