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Chairman Joerg

Through the Scottish clan Fraser of Lovat our chairman Joerg has received the honour to carry the name Fraser as an additional name and represent the clan in Germany. Therefore he founded the “Friends of Clan Fraser of Lovat Germany” in 2017. At the beginning the clan consisted only of his family. Little by little, loyal friends were found, who still shape the clan today and make it alive.

In February 2019 the long awaited letter of Simon Fraser 18th Lord Lovat, 5th Baron Lovat and 25th MacShimidh arrived. With this he confirmed that we are now officially allowed to represent the clan as the only representative in Germany. Since then we are officially the “Clan Fraser of Lovat Association of Germany”.

We are a small clan, consisting of very loyal people, who have discovered the heart for Scotland and especially for the clan Fraser of Lovat. Currently we consist of 15 Clansmen and -Woman, 2 candidates and 4 children from different regions of Germany. We currently have members in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria.

Clan members lived and live not always door to door, but many kilometres apart. Nevertheless, loyalty to the family are very important.

“Clan means family” – that’s the way it should be and stay!

Our activities include visiting Highland Games and Scottish-, Irish- and Medieval-Events, clan gatherings and family celebrations alone or together. In most cases you will find us as day guests at public events. At the moment we only officially at the International Highland Games in Angelbachtal with our own booth.

Who has serious and large interest to join our clan, can address gladly our members on the events shown on our web page.

Faithfulness and loyalty to the clan is expected from all interested parties and potential candidates.