Epochenfest Juelich 2018

At temperatures far above 30°C a really successful party in the bridgehead park of Juelich. The spacious part had plenty of room for the colorful hustle and bustle of the epochs.
Here really everybody finds something from the modern times over Steam Punk up to the darkest Middle Ages.

Of course we were not allowed to miss here and so we pitched our supply tent together with other clans. In this context a big thank you to Clan McHayn for organizing the campground and camp.

As you can say much more with pictures than with words, here you will find a small selection of our camp together with Clan McHayn, Clan MacKinnon, the German Clan Gregor Society and the Friends of Scotland from Aachen.

Thanks to Clan MacKinnon for the video
with the most beautiful impressions of the beautiful days in Juelich 2018

Photos: Michael M. (Clan Fraser of Lovat Association of Germany)

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